Get a morning + night routine. NOW!

Do you have a routine in the morning or at night? What do you do right when you get up? (Besides going to the bathroom...) When you wake up, you typically don't start working or running around. Your body was just fasting and resting for (hopefully) about 8 hours. The two most important parts of… Continue reading Get a morning + night routine. NOW!

Favorite resources.

My Favorite Resources

Personally, I love posts about what other bloggers or influencers are reading, eating, or listening to, etc. I am always looking for new resources or healthy snacks to change things up. I cannot think of anything more annoying than getting halfway through a mediocre book I thought I'd try because the cover looked interesting. My… Continue reading My Favorite Resources

How to Travel Lightly: Like a GirlBoss

For weeks, I contemplated the kind of content I want to focus on. I came up with the broad umbrella of the "GirlBoss" lifestyle because one day a friend of mine looked at my planner. She said, "You are one serious Girl Boss for all of this. I don't know how you do it." LIGHT BULB… Continue reading How to Travel Lightly: Like a GirlBoss