Do you have a mentor?

You need a mentor…

By definition, a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor.

When you need advice or a second opinion, you look to someone who you believe will give you suggestions or an alternative perspective meant to help you in whatever situation you may be.

If you are human, you probably ask for help on a weekly, if not daily basis.

For Locker Lifestyle, I have FIFTEEN mentors I know I can trust and ask for advice. All of them know what I have been through, what stage I am at in my life and my goals for the future. Each mentor serves a different purpose, and each has a vast array of experiences and connections they generously share with me.


I can say for a fact that my business would not be at the stage it is without the help and support of my advisors.

One has given me their manufacturing connections, fabric suppliers, suggested attorneys, product feedback and SO MUCH MORE!

I also have multiple mentors and coaches for tennis and fitness. Playing sports from such an early age has made me realize the importance of having a coach, which is similar to a mentor. They both are helping you reach a goal and give advice based on their perspective and experiences to make you the best you can possibly be.


Where can you find a mentor?

I found my most trusted advisors by connecting with professors, attending local networking events, and pitch competitions. An app called “Meetup” is a platform that connects you to like-minded individuals to meet and learn from each other. My tennis and fitness coaches were recommendations from other family members and athletes.

You never know what information or connections people are willing to share with you until you ask! If you are open about issues you are having, regardless of the topic, start by asking family and friends.


So you found an individual you think could be a great mentor…

To maintain and build the relationship:

  1. Email them monthly updates with what you are doing (but keep it short).
  2. Share progress & challenges.
  3. Ask them how they are doing!
  4. List an ask of your biggest struggle and what they could do to possibly help you.
  5. Be appreciative of their time.


Finding a mentor may take time, but it is easier than you think! Meet as many people as you can. You never know who is willing and eager to share their knowledge. Many of my mentors offered to help me because they want to “pay it forward.” A lot of their success was due to the connections and support from THEIR mentors.

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