Favorite resources.

My Favorite Resources

Personally, I love posts about what other bloggers or influencers are reading, eating, or listening to, etc. I am always looking for new resources or healthy snacks to change things up.

I cannot think of anything more annoying than getting halfway through a mediocre book I thought I’d try because the cover looked interesting.

My favorite products, books, and podcasts have all come from recommendations, so I felt inspired to share my “go-to’s” with you!

A little about me- I am a TOTAL podcast geek. If I am going to be completely honest, I listen to podcasts on a 1.5x speed because…

  1. I learned to process the information faster.
  2. On my 20-minute drives to class, I can usually finish an episode.

When my mom found out I did this, she laughed in my face for a solid hour. (She now listens to her podcasts at a 1.5x speed.)



  • How I Built This with Guy Raz
    • Not just for the entrepreneur…Learn all about the founders of the most successful companies in the world, and what it took to create their empire. (Best Episode: SPANX with Sara Blakely- this woman is my idol).
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast
    • Need an emotional boost or a fresh perspective? Find it here. Tony Robbins coaches some seriously influential people on being their best self.
  • The Ultimate Health Podcast
    • A young, health-conscious couple talks about the many “diet” fads, suggestions for a better you, top products, and all-around body conscious living. Very interesting & educational. (They also provide fantastic discount codes for some products or subscriptions).
  • Run This World with Nicole De Boom
    • Nicole is a former college athlete, Olympic trial swimmer, Iron Man Champion, and CEO of SkirtSports (the first retail store I launched the Wrist Locker in!!!)
    • I may or may not be biased because she interviewed me and has been my mentor, buttttt her podcasts are the length it takes the average person to run a 5k (HOW COOL).
    • She brings on everyone from Olympic athletes to CEOs.
    • HERE is the link to my interview with her!



  • Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
    • Business/Company Culture
    • The founder of Zappo’s is brilliant. He has been through hell and back to keep the company alive, and I hope to implement his strategies of employee culture into Locker Lifestyle.
  • The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
    • Perfect vacation or plane-ride type read.
    • A true story that you might not believe. I LOVE her style of writing. I could not put this book down.
  • Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult
    • An emotional but intoxicating book.
    • I actually studied the disease plagued by one of the characters, so I found it very interesting because the issues she raised are a reality. One of my all-time favorite novels. (Honesty anything Jodi Picoult wrote has yet to disappoint me.)

YOUR NEW FAVORITE BLOGGERS (Sorry not sorry they’re mostly food related.) (Did I mention these are all free?!?!?!?!)


YOUR NEW FAVORITE ON-THE-GO SNACKS (Best for last for topics, amirite.)

  • GoMacro Bars
    • I just found these, and I am obsessed.
    • Lots of protein and AMAZING flavors.
  • Barney Butter To-Go Packets
    • When I’m traveling, I bring one of these packets + an apple.
    • I am also guilty of eating it by itself.
    • Portion controlled + high in protein.


None of this content was paid or sponsored in any way! All of these suggestions came from positive personal experience, so take them as you wish.

I’d LOVE to hear if you give any of my recommendations a try. Email me: girlbossindustries@gmail.com AND COMMENT your own go-tos in life (so I can add to my list)!



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