Her Second Chance at Life…

Do you know someone affected by a near-death experience?

Well…keep reading.

I posted this story a bit ago but decided to bring it to my blog here because every judge at every competition I’ve pitched to told me they will NEVER forget this story.


Running or walking is great for weight-loss, endurance training, or a stress reliever (as it is for me).

Before a long day of work begins, I like to clear my mind in an almost meditative state to focus my energy on the day ahead. Some of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs in the world use exercise as a means of keeping themselves balanced.

It is important to embrace the positive effects an outdoor run can have on the mind and body, but you cannot be naïve to your surroundings.

Going anywhere outside of your treadmill increases surrounding risks by a harrowing amount. Cars, uneven trails, animals, and weather can cause permanent or fatal damage.

I was contacted by fitness and fashion guru @hanmcclelland about her near-death experience and how it changed the way she runs forever!


“The lovely founder of Locker Lifestyle and I found some common ground in that I wish her product would have been on the market much sooner.

Not only would it make my daily run so much more convenient and eliminate the need for me to wear my dorky fanny pack or suffocating phone band, it could have helped me on one of the scariest days of my life.

Three years ago, I went on a run just as the sun was going down. I didn’t go too far, less than five miles from my house. I remember feeling fine one minute, and nothing the next. Or the next. Or the next. In fact, for about forty-five minutes I can’t remember a SINGLE thing.

When I started to regain consciousness, I remember light flooding into my cracked eyelids from the sky above me. I was sprawled across the ground with no feeling but a fuzzy one in my head.

As I came to, I started to gauge my bearings. My headphones were strewn across the road, fifteen feet away. My phone lies in a yard in the opposite direction.

The more my body was waking up, the more I began to feel burning up the side of my leg, ribs, and face from the road rash that riddled my body with glass and tiny rocks. I will never forget that throbbing in my head and the hot, sticky blood dripping down my cheek.

As any person in that position would, I started to panic. I tried crawling to my phone, but it wouldn’t turn back on. There was no one in sight even though I was surrounded by houses. I felt lost and knew I was injured.

Luckily, a police officer happened to drive down the street I was on. He noticed how confused, injured, and bloody I was. He pulled over and I was whisked away to the emergency room.

It felt like hours before my family was finally contacted. Because I was so close to my house, I did not want the hassle of bringing my ID or any identification.

It took hours of waiting, testing, and cleansing of the road rash. Thankfully, I was sent home that day with a multitude of bandages and a serious headache.

MORAL OF THE STORY: I was extremely lucky to not have been severely injured or killed.

For runners who do unfortunately get hit by a car, most of the time they aren’t as lucky as me. To this day, I still don’t know who was the culprit and probably never will.

If I would have had a Wrist Locker, a number of things could have been different. If I had not been carrying my phone, I might have been able to properly brace my fall and not hit my head. If I had been carrying my ID on me, someone could have identified me before I woke up.

There’s no way to know how things would have turned out, but I can definitely say my Wrist Locker will be with me on every run from now on.

Here’s to being stylish, safe, and avoiding vehicular hit and runs! – @hanmcclelland


Tips every outdoor runner/walker should keep in mind:

Be familiar with your surroundings.

  • Do you know the neighborhood?
  • Where is the nearest police station?
  • Run against the traffic
  • Don’t expect every car to see you

Know the terrain.

  • Avoid roads if possible
  • Wear the proper shoes.
  • Use paths if available.


  • You heard her story ^^^
  • Bring a form of ID that is close or on your body.
  • (Locker Lifestyle makes the PERFECT products to help you do just that)


  • Check the daily forecast
  • Lightning ALWAYS wins
  • Damp ground makes for a slick and unsafe terrain
  • The weather radar is your friend
  • You are not a psychic-determine how long you will be out and when that storm plans to roll in


  • No need to look stylish in all black (the ER docs won’t find it cute)
  • Morning or night…have some sort of reflective piece on you
  • Wear bright clothing so you are easier to see by motorists, bikers & drivers

I hope you all take away something from Hannah’s story. I repeat, DON’T BE A STATISTIC.

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