How to Travel Lightly: Like a GirlBoss

For weeks, I contemplated the kind of content I want to focus on.

I came up with the broad umbrella of the “GirlBoss” lifestyle because one day a friend of mine looked at my planner.

She said, “You are one serious Girl Boss for all of this. I don’t know how you do it.”


I knew my lists were long, organized, sometimes color-coded and crazy, but until that moment, it hadn’t dawned on me that I do MANY different things in order to take my business to the top while trying to remain healthy and sane.

Not only do I attend class, tennis practice, and do my daily tasks of running Locker Lifestyle, I will now be traveling more than ever (which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time)!

I have more and more meetings scheduled locally with suppliers, manufacturers, and even reporters for local news outlets. (Read my previous post on list-making to see how I manage).

I have the privilege of competing in entrepreneurship competitions across the country, where I compete against hundreds of other hungry innovators for the chance to win big $$$ for business.


I am thrilled to have my first professional speaking opportunity at Syracuse University in New York coming up in February. They will be flying me out to sell at one of their pop-up shops and speak to their Entrepreneurship Chapter that has over 300 active members!


The opportunity came about when I met some of the students running the University chapter at an entrepreneurship competition I attended in Florida. They heard me pitch, saw the products, and fell in love with the idea of the Wrist Locker.

The Chapter just placed a custom order in navy for their school colors in order to benefit their limited funds and get people talking about the products BEFORE I even arrive.

(If you know a school interested in the opportunity for me to come speak and/or place a custom order, email:

After filing through my travel itineraries, I realized I have these lists of what to expect, bring, and how to prepare for each meeting, whether it is locally or across the country.

How I prepare for local meetings:

  1. No matter who I am meeting with, I research (AKA stalk) them so I have a better idea of who I am talking to. With today’s technology, it is all too easy to find someone’s social media that has their basic info. Do your homework.
  2. If I am meeting with a reporter: I send them a media kit in advance, which just has my basic product info, website link, pictures, and my 60-second pitch video.
  3. Lastly, I prepare my purse or backpack for the day ahead!

IMG_2954 2


SO…What I bring when traveling locally:

(I literally ruffle through my bag or purse twice over to make sure I am thoroughly ready to try to impress whoever I may sit across from).

  1. I ALWAYS have product samples of numerous sizes and colors of each product, along with the packaging tags. (I want the reporter, manager, or manufacturer etc. to see what I am seeing.)
  2. Regardless of who I am about to meet with, having PENS (plural on purpose) and a NOTEBOOK is key. I am totally old-fashioned and am always afraid my phone will die so you can catch me keeping track of things on paper quite often.
  3. HAVE LIP BALM: There is nothing worse than trying to talk to someone with uncomfortably cracked lips, nor does anyone want to see that…
  4. HAVE TISSUES: (Just 1 or 2). From experience, I can confidently say this is a necessity because whether you need a quick makeup fix or need to “blot” your nose, you’re going to love yourself for having a spare tissue.
  5. Have your PLANNER/CALENDAR available. I write many notes down during meetings. For any dates discussed, I use a paper planner (AKA old-fashioned), but if you use something like Google Calendar, make sure it can be quickly accessed from your phone. Get the freaking app.
  6. Have your phone AND laptop CHARGER with you. Not in your car, have it in your purse or backpack.
  7. I always have a SNACK. I have dietary restrictions and eat pretty healthy, so I never want to have to depend on fast food or the mediocre options at a coffee shop. I have a packaged snack, such as a granola bar in case.
  8. BUSINESS CARDS: Bring them in a professional card case (they’re cheap and can be bought anywhere, don’t be that kid with the crumpled cards).
    • I always have extra Locker Lifestyle business cards containing website/social media information, and my personal business cards which include my phone #, email, and name etc.
  9. OPTIONAL: If I have a long and busy day ahead, I will pack my homemade mini “emergency kit.” What is this kit you might ask?! Read below to find out…

How to pack a mini “emergency” kit:

The contents of this bag may vary person to person, but listed are my essential backups for a day full of the unexpected. This is the perfect kit to add to any purse, backpack, gym bag, car or suitcase!

* Start with a small, cheap toiletry bag you don’t mind throwing around or getting dirty. The bag should be small enough to fit in your favorite go-to purse.


  1. Mini Deodorant ($1 at any local grocery store)
  2. Mascara (personally, I feel naked without a fresh coat on my lashes)
  3. Tampons (Mother Nature calls when she wants, be prepared)
  4. Lip Balm (Like I said before, no one wants to see those chapped lips)
  5. Hair Ties (2 or 3 is perfect)
  6. Bobby Pins (just in case you need a hair touch up)
  7. MINTS (fresh breath, nuf said)
  8. OPTIONAL: Mini Hairspray ($1 from your local grocery store) because flyaways can be annoying

I have this little bag on standby constantly. It has saved me SO many times, and I hope I have inspired you to make your own.

I would love if you could COMMENT your favorite travel essentials (maybe I can expand my own list) AND if you want to see my overnight/competition packing list!

Also, don’t hesitate to email me new ideas for content, topics, or questions you want to have answered. This blog is here for YOU 🙂

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