STEP 1: How to be a #girlboss in your industry.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no secret formula for starting a business nor does the perfect book on “how to make your first million $$$” exist. (AKA I’m still working on it).

My business, patents, trademarks, social media, manufacturing, and fabric connections etc. did not all come in a perfect timely order. I started with absolutely no knowledge of what a trademark even was. Our world is constantly changing and if my business is not evolving, then I am already falling behind.

I recently listened to one of Gary V’s podcasts about the importance of social media marketing. When he started his whole “commentary” business years ago, he bashed Instagram saying how it was dying and not worth pursuing blah blah blah.

He then currently went on about how it is now the #1 influencing social media platform in the world. He has mastered it to increase not only his following, but the $$$ in his bank account.

My point is…you won’t always start with the right answers or be the expert. I am where I am due to the sheer forces of TRIAL AND ERROR! I do not mind making mistakes because I look forward to solving them and becoming better.

How have I become better?!

WELL here is STEP 1 on getting to ultimate #girlboss status: make lists. Freaking prioritize that list. Cross off the tasks on that list. You will fell and become more accomplished. Whether you’re a student, artist, or budding entrepreneur, you can DEFINITELY benefit from list making.


The tasks you have to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis should be considered, metaphorically, as sand, pebbles, or big rocks.

The big rocks are your pressing and major priorities. Label them on your list as the first 1-7 or so things you must accomplish ASAP. The pebbles are tasks that are next important, doable within the week. The sand is to be considered tasks that are least important and should only be done once the “rock” and “pebble” type priorities are completed.

For you visual learners, think of a jar. In that jar, put your rocks, now the pebbles, then the sand. If you were to physically do that, the rocks would be the biggest/most prominent force in the jar, the pebbles would partially fall through the rocks, and the sand would fall straight through to the bottom, AKA the least important.

How you structure your lists and how many you actually make in a day are up to you! Figure out what works best by, you guessed it, trial and error.

Due to the fact I wear many hats and have many different tasks to accomplish regarding tennis, web development, homework, phone calls (the list goes on), I have many lists that are categorized.

For example:

I have a list for the different people I need to email in a day. I list what things I need to buy at the grocery store (if I don’t do this I get way off track and what do you know, I’ve bought some cookies I didn’t even know I wanted). I also have a list of what to do and post for my social media.

On each of those lists I number every single task, starting from 1 as the most important, sometimes all the way up to 50.

I do not allow myself to go onto task number 12 if task number 11 has not been completed. It is so easy to get caught up in emails or doing things on your phone. This way it forces me to work through the hard stuff, whether I like it or not.

I promise you will end up loving yourself at the end of the day knowing your “rock” tasks have been completed over the easy “sand” tasks you were bound to start with.

Some days I don’t finish all that is on my list, which is ok! The prioritizing allows for this.

I may be old fashioned, but I loveeeee writing my lists on paper. Crossing them out with a big “X” is far more satisfying than deleting it on my phone. This visual allows me to see how much I’ve actually done. 

Phone apps are helpful for reminders of phone calls or other small things to do, but as for overall goals, I’ll always keep it handy on some tangible paper.


For monthly goals, I like printing calendars. I use my planner for weekly goals, and I use lined paper for daily tasks.

Here are some of my favorite free templates that help keep me organized! (You can even make your own categories in Excel and print out the spreadsheet.)


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